December 12, 2003


Q: Which movies receive your nod for the best and worst flicks of 2003?

MBís A: Worst: Daredevil: Not one thing in this movie commanded my attention. There were holes throughout, no inspiring sequences to speak of, and the fight scenes ñ including Daredevilís big showdown with the Kingpin ñ were weak, feebly edited, and over before they even began. Best: Pirates of the Caribbean ñ The Curse of the Black Pearl: Even though Iíve only watched the first half of this movie, itís still the best flick I saw this year. Johnny Deppís performance is worthy of an Oscar, and the sets and stunts were done to perfection. Canít wait to watch the second half!

Q: Where do you turn for inspiration and/or guidance when faced with difficult situations?

MBís A: Iím a firm believer in the notion that we all inherently know the difference between right and wrong. Acting on it is a whole nother matter altogether, and thatís where my motherís inspiration and guidance comes into play. She always helps me to see things for exactly what they are, including myself.

Q: Which is better: Opening presents or watching someone else open a gift from you?

MBís A: While both are extremely enjoyable, if I had to choose, I'd prefer to open than to watch. Now, change the question so it reads, ìWhich is better: Opening presents, watching someone else open a gift from you, or shopping for or making someone elseís present?î and my answer would be entirely different. Nine times out of ten, Iíd choose the shopping for or making option. I love the planning and execution part.

Q: If someone gave you a billboard for one year, what would have put on it?

MBís A: A different thought-provoking quote or ironic statistic every month.

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Q1: Best: Lord of the Rings Worst: I took my young nieces to see The Lizzie McGuire movieóit sucked!

Q2: The inspiration to get through a difficult situation usually comes from somewhere inside me. Past incidents and hard life lessons that I thought I would never make it through, but always didóand I usually come through a stronger person with a better grasp on how to handle the situation the next time.

Q3: Watching someone else open gifts from me. I am a much better giver than receiver.

Q4: God, Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the Courage to change the things I can; and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Posted by: A.C. at December 12, 2003 7:24 AM

1. Okay, I am a sap when it comes to movies. I just love to be entertained. Best - because it is the last one I saw "Love Actually." Worst - I don't go to bad movies, but I would guess - "Bruce Almighty?" One of my all time favorites, considering entertainment factors, is "Saving Grace."
2. I have learned the hard way to just turn them over to prayer.... somehow the answer comes.
3. Definitely watching. I remember my mother telling me that when I was a child... I thought she was telling a big story... but she is right.
4. I think I would have to change it on a weekly basis and put bits of wisdome from other people. There are way too many good and meaningful quotes to single out just one... especially early Friday morning.

Posted by: Cindra at December 12, 2003 8:33 AM

Q1 - Most of the movies I've seen this year were not made in 2003 and I can say any of them were "best" or "worst"--they all fell in between.

Q2 - I usually need a bit of time to myself.

Q3 - Watching. I hate getting gifts myself.

Q4 - I'd probably have it changed each month and it'll have some sort of public health related message.

Posted by: sya at December 12, 2003 9:07 AM

1. What are Movies?
2. Ditto THIS>"I have learned the hard way to just turn them over to prayer.... somehow the answer comes(Cindra)". Sometimes it is hard to release. Often THE ANSWERS are not the way I would have hoped or liked. Looking back "Faith in God's direction" has been the best road to walk down.
3. Watching... when I can afford to give. Most gifts this year will be slim/none and the one's given will be humbly handmade.
4. "Imagine! Create! Think of someONE other than yourSELF, it could be worse and Smile; someONE may be falling in love with that face."

Posted by: Sallie at December 12, 2003 10:18 AM

Mikal - very good questions!
1. Best - Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions.
1. Worst - Bruce Almighty - fell way short of my expectations.
1. Disclaimer - I didn't see as many movies this year as I usually do.
2. Two places: a. works of literature - poetry, autobiographies, biblical writings, etc, b. trusted friends and confidants.
3. I enjoy watching people open gifts from me better. It feeds my desire to watch others in the pursuit of discovery and adventure.
4. I'd probably change messages periodically. The first one one I'd do is a billboard about being pro-choice. I'd put it as close as possible to one that is on a residential property on a busy street in town that proclaims that abortion is killing an innocent life & stopping a heartbeat. I'd work with others to come up with a clever marketing ad to counter that one. Other billboards I'd do reflect my politics: something on gays and gay families, freedom of religion, protection of civil liberties, things like that.

Posted by: Lee McDaniel at December 12, 2003 1:28 PM

1-Best movie: "The Missing" (Cate Blanchett kicked ass - and they kept the attitudes historically accurate, yet the characters sympathetic, damn!) and "Possession" (absolute chills when they switch from the scene where the poet put the letter into the book to the scene where the historian took the letter out of the book - maybe you have to have lived it), and maybe also, "Shanghai Knights" (because kung-fu and keystone cops and Charlie Chaplin was joyful!) Worst movie: "Matrix Reloaded" (Maybe you actually had to be loaded to appreciated it, but I wasn't. There was no spoon.)

2-Babu, Dwight, and my Inner Bitch Goddess.

3-I like to watch (hehehehe....)

4-Did you just watch the episode of "Designing Women" where the Judith Ivey charcacter did this just because she had the money and could? Would the city allow "Bite Me"? Nah. How about, "You'd rather be doing something else." Nah. Actually, having a billboard really doesn't interest me.

Posted by: Leigh at December 12, 2003 9:40 PM

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