February 11, 2005


Q1: Do you drive the same roads to work every morning, or do you mix it up? How about the drive home from work...do you typically take the same route home as you did in the morning, only in reverse? If you don't drive to work, or if you don't drive, how about this one... Assuming you shop for groceries, do you typically take the same route thru the grocery store every time you go grocery shopping, i.e. do you travel up and down the store's isles in a certain pattern?

Q2: Has a newspaper or television reporter ever interviewed you? If so, what were the circumstances and what did you think when you read or saw what you said?

Q3: Are there any causes that are important enough to you that you'd be willing to take three days off from work without pay in order to join an out-of-town protest march or sit-in? If so, what's the cause?

Q4: If you were forced to eat the same three items of food for dinner every night for three weeks straight, what would you eat?

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All done!

Posted by: Amy at February 11, 2005 9:23 AM

1. Yes, because there is only one route to and from work. Trying to go any other way wouldn't make sense. I also go to the grocery store and shop in a certain pattern--but this is also because it takes the least amount of time. I hate shopping pretty much everywhere with the exception of bookstores.

2. No, I've never been interviewed.

3. Probably, if it has anything to do with equality or women's rights.

4. I don't know about the other two items, but one of them would definitely be rice.

Posted by: sya at February 11, 2005 10:15 AM

1. Yes I do sometimes take alternative routes, depending on my mood and the traffic conditions. There are three possible routes to work and back, and I tend to follow at least two of them each week. Similarly, I do not take the same route through the department store. Says somehting about the restless state of my mind?

2. I was recently interview by a newspaper when I went to make a presentation on eLearning at Calcutta. I came back to my city and never got to see what was printed!

3. Three days? I don't think so. As it is there is too little time and too much to do.

4. Two alternatives: a) Indian - lamb curry with flat bread and poppadums, OR
b)Rib eye steak, well done, with fries and horseradish!

Posted by: Shantanu at February 11, 2005 10:44 AM

Q1) Yes, it's all about patterns. I go to work one way, and go home another. I also shop in patterns and plan my routes when I run errands.

Q2 & 3) Yes, during the first Gulf War. I was asked why I took time off from school and work, and was interviewed by CNN and the Indianapolis Star. I was proud of being able to give a calm voice in the midst of a lot of anger. I'm taking time off again this March to protest the religious right's attempt to make GLBT citizens second class.

Q4) Easy: pizza, a side salad, and raw veggies.

Posted by: Jay at February 11, 2005 10:46 AM

1. There is really only one direct route to work. I could take a different road, but it's longer and has more commuter traffic. I only take it to work when the back roads aren't plowed enough in the winter. On the way home I usually go the same route. I will take the main route home if I need to stop off at one of the stores along the way, but again, too much traffic. In the grocery store I always follow the same path. It's just the way I do it. Unless I just have to get one or two items.

2. Yes. When I was about 16, the town used to have a monthly magazine. My sister and I were walking downtown doing some shopping and the reporter stopped us and asked if we'd like to answer a question for the "Around Town" section. So we agreed. I can't recall the question he asked, but I do remember my answer was printed accurately and the photo was nice.

3. Hmm...probably any cause that is against the violation of women's/human/civil rights in the U.S.

4. Salad, spaghetti and an orange.

Posted by: Missy at February 11, 2005 12:13 PM

1: usually I do, because after trying different routes (getting lost on back roads and finding my way back...) I found this one the less congested and quicker during rush hour. Although I might not have yet found the best route! The good thing is, whenever there's a traffic jam, I have plenty of alternate routes. At the grocery store, I always start with produce, but from there, no pattern whatsoever.

2: just once was interviewed for school newsletter. The interview was short and the article mentioned maybe only half of what I said.

3: haven't done it before but probably would if it's to protest against the violation of human rights. But I would have to be talked into it to do it, I guess I have a passive stance on activism even if I agree with the cause.

4: avocado salad, spaguetti with meatballs, a banana.

Posted by: mei at February 11, 2005 12:55 PM

1. Can't stand routine so I vary my route often.
2. Haven't been interviewed. I have had my editorials appear in newspapers before and they always take the liberty of altering them somehow.
3. Absolutely. Anything that has to do with cruelty to animals or to human beings.
4. Yikes, why would that happen, and why three weeks? I'd become a revolutionary. Now, if it were not a manmade restriction, I'd have salad (made with romaine or bib or anything but iceberg lettuce since it has no nutritional value), veggie pizza on wheat crust, and fruit, probably a Fuji apple. Would I get a beverage of my choice, as well?

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Mine are up

Posted by: Cassie at February 11, 2005 4:22 PM

1. Since itÝs only four miles to work, it's very hard to vary the route that I have taken each morning for the last twenty-six years.

2. A long, long time ago, back in the early seventyÝs a guy who I knew in high school committed multiple murders while he was robbing a bakery. I went one day to the trial with some friends and it was covered by a local newspaper. We were interviewed by a local newspaper and it was interesting how the story covered was covered in the newspaper. The article in the paper the next day was a very one sided interpretation of the trail that day.

3. Yes, I have taking many days off from work to go to local colleges to talk on transgender issues. This coming Thursday I will be at Uconn to take part in their Trans Week and the following Tuesday I will be at Yale to support a friend who will be on a panel discussing Transgender issues for their Trans Week. If time and money suffice, I plan on going to the National Transgender Lobbing Day in Washington D.C. May 18 ˝ 20th.

4. Ugh.......maybe salad ( can you vary the salad dressing? ), chicken and spaghetti and meatballs.

Posted by: Diana at February 11, 2005 6:00 PM

A1: Given my proclivity for variety and spontaneity, I take all sorts of routes to work.

A2: Two instances come to mind...1) was interviewed after returning from Asia during the 1998 nuclear testing by India/Pakistan; 2) interviewed for the work I did in providing therapy though outdoor adventure to head-injury patients. Thought both stories were well done and encapsulated what they aimed to convey from interview.

A3: Absolutely...pro-life, abolish the dealth-penalty, homeless, poverty, un-educated women/girls in Middle-Asia, environmental destruction, urban sprawl, and a few others.

A4: salmon, whole wheat bow-tie pasta, and roasted red-pepper goat cheese.

Posted by: Brad at February 11, 2005 8:12 PM

I'm up

Posted by: Tabitha at February 12, 2005 12:22 AM

I'm up. These were fun!

Posted by: The Cataloger at February 12, 2005 9:02 AM

Q1: I drive the same route to work every morning without fail. The drive home follows the same route but in reverse, with the only exception being that I avoid one street in particular that has a number of fast food restaurants I find particularly appealing right around dinner time.

Q2: I've been interviewed for print media a whole bunch of times, and looking back on my experiences, I suppose I've never really been all that surprised with how it turned out or how what I said was characterized. My earliest exposures to print media came in college when I was interviewed or quoted quite regularly because of my involvement in student government-type organizations.

Q3: I'm always up for a good protest march or sit-in (as long as I understand the issue and agree with the proposed outcome... sign me up, I say). While nothing in particular comes to mind right now, I'm always open to suggestions.

Q4: Seasoned Boca Ground Beef, Ruffles Wavy Potato Chips, and Dryer's Grand Light Carmel Delight ice cream.

Posted by: Mikal at February 12, 2005 2:35 PM

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