November 4, 2005


Q1 - Halloween: Did trick-or-treater's come to your house this year? If so, approximately how many came by? Was this year's number higher or lower than you've had in previous years, and what did you give them?

Q2 - Allergies: Do you have allergies? If so, what are you allergic to? If you're not allergic to anything, is there anything you wish you were allergic to?

Q3 - Organic Food: The organic food market in the United States is projected to reach a value of $30.7 billion by the year 2007. According to one recent report, close to 40 percent of the U.S. population now uses organic products on a daily basis. Are you included in that 40 percent figure... do you intentionally buy organic foods or drinks? If so, what are you buying? If not, why?

Q4 - Television: Which TV shows from the past would you like to see back on television and why?

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Q1 - Halloween: No trick or treaters thank goodness. I forgot to buy candy, so all they would have gotten take-out packets of soy sauce, taco sauce, etc.

Q2 - Allergies: Just ron of the mill hay fever here. I can't say that I'd want to be allergic to anything.

Q3 - Organic Food: I don't intentionally buy organic, but since I treat myself to some high-end foods, organics sneak in there, like with Trader's Point milk and yogurt.

Q4 - Television: Hill Street Blues. Eerie, Indiana. Moonlighting (pre-Maddie & David's hooking up). Sanford and Son.

Posted by: mike at November 4, 2005 7:43 AM

Q1. 23. Fewer than past years; I blame WTHR 13's endless talk of pedophiles for killing this year's Halloween. We gave out Dum-Dums and Tootsie Rolls since we don't like those.

Q2. Any sulfa-based medicine, sassafras.

Q3. I buy "organic" food when I can, but I don't worry if I can't find it. "Organic" is really misleading since anything that can decompose is technically organic. I wish they would call it something else. My father, who was a chemist, cringes whenever he hears the term since no one uses it correctly.

Q4. Sometimes I'd like to see a new episode of the original Star Trek. I wish NBC wouldn't have canned it after 3 years.

Posted by: Jay at November 4, 2005 8:04 AM

1. Nope. But I will admit to hoarding all the candy so I can be on a sugar high for all of National Novel Writing Month!

2. Dust and pollen. And quite possibly large quantities of perfume/cologne.

3. Eh, I occasionally use organic food but I'm not obsessive about it.

4. The original Star Trek with Kirk et al. Ah, campy sci-fi!

Posted by: sya at November 4, 2005 8:42 AM

1) We had about the same or a little less than previous years. We live in a subdivision, so lots o' families with young kids to go around. We gave out fun size Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Bite Size candy bar mix of Snicker's, Milky Way, Twix, and 3 Musketeers. Pretzels or fruit snacks for the babies.

2) I'm allergic to Arby's (migraines) and to dissolvable glucose stitches used for internal surgery repair.

3) Yep, we purposefully buy organic whole milk for my son -- he was breastfed, but when get formula occasionally it was also organic formula. When I can afford it, I buy organic beef and chicken and some vegetables. We buy the organics b/c my daughter is already allergic to 4 common antibiotics. I don't want my son to have the same problem. When he goes on 2% we might switch to regular. We'll see. ORganics are still so expensive, sadly. I never buy regular ground beef; most the time I buy Laura's Lean.

4) Ed, Sports Night are the two shows that come to mind. I loved both of those shows, mostly for their dialogue.

Posted by: Ami at November 4, 2005 10:02 AM

Q1: We had gobs of goblins, ghouls, aliens, princesses, and other assorted beings. I'd estimate numbers at about 125, representing a 25% increase over last year. During the last half hour, I ran out of candy and confessed to the trick-or-treaters, "I ran out of candy. Do you accept cash?" I had several rolls of quarters left over from my garage sale, so I started handing out 50 cents to each kid. I think I'll start handing out quarters from now onÍ I never did like the idea of jacking up kids on sugar. My dentist claims that she hands out toothbrushes, but it makes me wonder how often her screens get soaped. I saw the SWAT costume more often than I needed to this year, but one kid had a very cool werewolf mask.
Q2: I thought I was allergic to alcohol, but unconvinced of this, I continued to drink, trying different amounts and different types of alcohol. What I've discovered is that I seem to be more prone to allergic reactions, in the forms of sneezing and hives, if I drink when I'm feeling particularly stressed. Unfortunately, when I'm stressed is when I like to drink more. Go figure. This must be just another of God's cruel jokes.
Q3: I don't go out of my way to purchase organic products. If what they're selling at the local grocery store looks good to me, I purchase it. If not, I take a pass. I do prefer brown rice over white, does that make me a food racist? In the past, I have found that organic foods are 1) over-priced, 2) unappealing in appearance, and 3) narrow in terms of choices.
Q4: This one is easy. Leave It to Beaver, The Twilight Zone, The Honeymooners, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. These shows were original and intriguing. They made you walk away feeling as though you learned something. The comedies didn't rely on cheap se_ual innuendo to make you laugh.

Posted by: Joe at November 4, 2005 10:39 AM

1. Nope, none where I live.

2. Not allergic that I know of, but I notice that if I'm around cats, sometimes my nose gets itchy.

3. I always buy organic when I can. I drink organic milk because the regular milk has certain hormones used to make the cows produce more milk, and I don't want to be ingesting that. Also, who wants to eat all those pesticides that get sprayed on fruits and veggies? Not me. I'm sure some organic food isn't 100%, but it's closer than the conventional foods.

4. Hmmm...Seinfeld. The Courtship of Eddie's Father. Bewitched. And some others I can't think of right now.

Posted by: Missy at November 4, 2005 4:23 PM

be up in a few

Posted by: Tabitha at November 5, 2005 12:36 AM

1. I think we don't have enough little ones in our condos to have a tour de force. And, if we did, they would likely go to the homes across the street to get a more bountiful booty.

2. None that I know of. I think I might be allergic to dry weather, though. My nose is still messed up and my skin is always dry and irritated, now that I live in CO (5.75 yrs).

3. I think that the 40% number is bogus. I think that's the work of some overzealous trade organization and I'd love to know where they pulled their research. I don't buy Organic, think that the whole thing is a sham, the pricing is whack, and the quality (at my store) is typically worse.

SIDENOTE: Everything that we eat is organic, carbon based. Those hippies need to come up with a more accurate term. Currently, 100% of consumers are on an organic diet, but far less are on an Organic diet. It's all about that silly capital 'o.'

4. Umm...yeah, well...sure...ummm...yeah.

Posted by: MixMasterMatt at November 5, 2005 8:08 AM

1. Nope...
2. Penicillin (antibiotic), Splenda (whatever they put in it!), hay fever/tree pollen, and hot/humid weather (ugh!).
3. My continual attempts to purchase 100% "O"rganic always fall short. While I think it's ideal to eat Organic, that's just the's an ideal! Unfortunately, it would require a massive shift in the way we produce food here and abroad. Not going to happen in our lifetimes. But, there is hope for small-scale, local-based food production to meet basic needs of smaller communities, or even marginalized communities. That's were the promise resides.
4. Nothing I can really think of...

Posted by: at November 6, 2005 12:59 AM

1. I was not prepared and none came that I know of. I have heard from several people, here in Austin, Texas that no kids showed up. This is kind of sad since to me, now that I think about it, because Halloween is a great celebration and loads of fun for kids.
2. Oh jeez, I was born and raised in the number 1 or 2, depending on the year, worst polluted city in the U.S., Houston, Texas. If you don't have allergies, and want them, live there. I do not know why polluted cities cause allergies. They also cause asthma. Of course, you do have to be outside to get them and if you are a couch potato you might not get them. I am allergic to Elm Tree Pollen, Bermuda Grass pollen, and household dust. They all cause pretty horrible sinus headaches if left untreated. Fortunately, I have an HMO now and the cost of medicien is a paltry $120 every three months. Houston's pollution comes from the oil refineries and power plants that Clinton mandated clean up their output; but, the all the mandates were reversed immediately upon W. entering office.
3.I don't normally buy it because of reasons mentioned in other comments about the accuracy of organic claims. Anyone who is interested in food and marketing in America should read the book, Fast Food Nation. It exposes several amazing things about us, how we move, and what we are really eating.
4. My only wish about television is that I had watched much less as a kid growing up and played more sports, took music lessons, studied harder as a kid. There is great stuff on T.V. but people watch way too much of it.

Posted by: Roman at November 6, 2005 10:39 PM

1)People don't celebrate Halloween in Singapore.
2)Yes, peanut butter, eggyolk and chocolate
3)Yes, my mother is a health food freak.
4)Loony Tunes!!!

Posted by: Terry at November 7, 2005 3:38 AM

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