April 6, 2007


Q1 - Motivation: Professionally speaking, what motivates you? Is it money, the ability to contribute to the decision-making process, a job well done, perks like a break room stocked with yummy foods and soft drinks, engaging and solving problems with co-workers, or something else?

Q2 - Foreign Affairs: Earlier this week, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, along with a small Congressional delegation, toured the Middle East, which included a stop in Syria for a face-to-face meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Vice President Dick Cheney, speaking on Thursday with radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, said Pelosi exhibited "bad behavior" by meeting with the Syrian President, while other critics of the Speaker charge her with undermining Presidential power, freelancing Middle East diplomacy, appeasing a terrorist regime, and even surrendering to Islamist radicalism by donning a head scarf. Even if this is the first you're hearing of Pelosi's visit, do you think the criticism she is receiving is fair? Should the Speaker of the House's role be limited to domestic affairs, or as the Speaker of the House (a body which represents all U.S. Citizens), is it appropriate for her to meet with Foreign dignitaries one-on-one, outside of the White House's oversight?

Q3 - Pets and Recalls: Three weeks after a massive pet food recall began, there's appears to be no end in sight. Pet food processor Menu Foods has expanded its recall to include more varieties of food, while another manufacturer--Sunshine Mills--just issued a recall for more than 20 dog biscuit brands sold by Wal-Mart. As the recall expands, the Food and Drug Administration is reportedly struggling to deal with a growing number of consumer complaints, along with calls to investigate pet food on a national scale. Do you own any pets, and if so, how has your care or feeding of them changed since the recall began?

Q4 - Names: According to the Associated Press, Michael and Karolina Tomaro are locked in a court battle with Swedish authorities, which rejected their application to name their six-month-old child after the legendary rock band Metallica. Although the baby has already been baptized as "Metallica," the Swedish National Tax Board refused to register the name, saying it was associated with both the rock group and the word "metal," and was therefore deemed inappropriate. What are your thoughts on the matter? Should parents be allowed to name a child whatever they choose, or are some name so absurd and inappropriate that government should stand in the way?

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1. I am personally motivated by success. However, I found it funny how many people at my last job (one in particular) were motivated by the Wednesday Morning Breakfast!

2. I'm going to be honest. Right now, the first thing I think of when I hear about politics is Senator McCallister from "Brothers and Sisters" (great show-I highly recommend it!). On top of that, I read "Assad" and immediately wondered if he was related to the Assad on 24 who was just assasinated during his attempts to make peace with President Palmer. Do you think I watch enough tv? Anyway, after reading the question several times (I struggle at concentration), I feel that their role does not need to be limited to domestic affairs. However, it should be controlled when it comes to dealings involving other countries.

3. You will probably hate me for saying this. But, no, I don't own pets. And, on top of that, I don't really care if they eat bad pet food because animals bug me.

4. In my opinion, there are a lot more absurd names than Metallica. However, what if someone wanted to name their kid the F word? Would we allow that? So, its hard to say which way is best.

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1) My strongest motivation is commendation. If I happen to make money too, that's great. I'm sure there's a deep-seated psychological problem there but I am not motivated to find out what it is as it will probably not lead to commendation.

2) A person not so interested in commendation - at least from certain Vice Presidents - is Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Looking at the role of Speaker in historical terms, there is no strong precedent for her trip. Trips of this nature are generally the responsibility of the Secretary of State. Going outside the traditional role with the current political divisions only serves to further divide this country and further strengthen those who are seeking to harm us. The benefits are not equal to the harm caused in my humble opinion.

3) If Nancy Pelosi would have just stayed here instead of gallivanting all over the world, we might not have had this problem. My cats are still eating the same old food as before, dolphins and spotted owls.

4) I don't think the government should get involved. Look at the names we already have on the books: Mitt, Strom, Lyndon, Dwight, Newt, Edolphus, and Alcee. On second thought, Nancy, look into this please...oh wait, is she in town?

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Mine are up :)

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1. I am motivated by the kind of work I get to do and by the people I work with, and the way I am treated. Money is a motivating factor as well. I feel I should be well compensated for the work I do.

2. I don't know enough about it to give a decent answer.

3. I don't have any pets, but if I did, I would make sure they had the best food. Maybe even make special food for them so I know they were eating well. I know someone who cooks boneless chicken for her dogs on most nights!

4. Ooohh, that name is gonna hurt. The poor child. But, you didn't see anyone stepping in to challenge Gwyneth (sp?) Paltrow when she named her daughter APPLE! At least with a name like Metallica you can call the kid Met, Tally, Meta, or some sort of nick-name. Where do you go with Apple? Government should not interfere with such decisions, if you let them, before you know it they are making ALL your decisions for you. And we can't have that.

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Q1 - Motivation: Doing high-quality work on projects I believe in with colleagues who are true collaborators motivates me. Money is a high negative-motivating factor for me. I mean, I assume I will earn fair compensation for what I do, and when that doesn't happen, it negatively affects my work, but money isn't exactly what makes me wake up in the morning eager to work.

Q2 - Foreign Affairs: I think Pelosi is guilty of treason. The situation in the Middle East is at a critical point, and the United States must speak with a single voice.

Q3 - Pets and Recalls: With so much confusion over which foods have been tainted, we haven't changed anything we've been feeding our dog and two cats. We never fed them sliced meat and gravy in foil pouches, so I thought we were okay. When I heard about the recall being expanded to some dry foods, I figured the risk was less in relation to those foods. I'm a little concerned about the possibility that something similar could happen to humans. Maybe it already has happened. We don't really know why food allergies and autism are on the rise.

Q4 - Names: Lewis Black has a skit on naming children, which is pretty funny. I think "Metallica" is okay, but I'd have a problem with some names, so I think having some restrictions in place would not be a bad idea. Should George Foreman have been allowed to name all of his sons George? Hmmm, I would hesitate to have the government regulate the naming of children, but then again, laws are basically on the books to keep stupid, inconsiderate people in check.

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1. Motivation: My main motivation is the ability to support my family I guess. I've worked telemarketing for $5/hr before because it was the only job available. I would then come home and work for 12 hours or so on my home business which brought in just enough additional income to pay the rent. Once bills are covered, my main motivation is the desire to have the ability to do what I want, when I want. That requires boatloads of money.

I had a discussion with one of my old bosses once after I asked for a raise. I told him, "I don't want it to look like the only reason I come in to work everyday is for the money," because it really wasn't. But he responded, "We're all motivated by money..." which I realized was true in the end.

2. Foreign Affairs: Hmm... That kind of stuff requires that I concern myself with things that I think are just messed up (politics). So I really don't bother to opinionate myself about such things. But I like Steve's answer.

3. Pet Foods: No pets, but my parents have two cats. I have, in the past, had several cats who have all since died. Most died from some horrible disease that was clearly painful to the cat. Watching them die was an absolutely horrible experience. That being said, I seriously doubt I'd be changing my pet-feeding habits aside from avoiding the brands that seem most affected.

4. Names: In a supposedly free society, the government should have no say in what we can name our kids. Though Lindsey makes a good point. I have an uncle that disagreed with his wife on naming his son "Wayne", so he just called him "Sam" despite the name on record being Wayne.

Since the government keeps records of names, I suppose they can restrict what goes on those records, but that can't stop us from calling our kids whatever we want. I had a neighbor once that yelled the F-bomb at his 7-year old daughter all the time. She may as well have been named it.

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Q1 - Motivation: In the words of a song from the Broadway musical Applause "What is it that we're living for? Applause, Applause!" All the work I put into rehearsing for a play and memorizing my lines is all suddenly worth it when I hear a crowd burst into applause or laughter, or when I see the audience leaving the auditorium with big smiles on their faces. It's a great feeling to know you helped make someone's night enjoyable. Also, I may have said money, but I've never been paid to act.

Q2 - Foreign Affairs: I always say..."When in Rome," but I never finish the quote...TREASON? meeting with a political official? I don't get it

Q3 - Pets and Recalls: My parents have the family's pets. I don't think they've changed anything too drastically.

Q4 - Names: haha, listen to Lewis Black's take on naming kids, I agree with Joba.

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Q1 - I am motivated by doing a job well done. My last job had a lot of headaches and I finally left mainly because I was tired of operating in crisis mode year after year, but I always applied myself the way I did for the sake of doing the best job possible. Now, being somewhat self-employed, it's also partly a challenge to find additional ways to grow my business, more than just the obvious of making more money. So I guess the challenge motivates me as well.

Q2 - I think Speaker Pelosi was out of line, and the speaker's visitation with foreign countries should really be approved by the White House. When we're dealing with representing our government, if we don't give a united front, we are completely undermining ourselves throughout the world. This is especially true for our elected officials. When someone like Jesse Jackson goes, he just has no business going, but if they're in a governmental position of authority, they have to listen to their higher-ups, just like they would if they were working in a corporation. And the President is as high up as it gets there.

Q3 - I have a dog, and I feed her a good, dry food. I haven't worried about it. As much as I love her, and I know I might feel differently if she were affected, there is nothing I can gain by worrying about it right now and I have more pressing things to worry about.

Q4 - First, it's an absurd name, but not to the parents. They are the ones who get to choose, so be it. It really is not the government's place to decide what we can name our kids. We live in a free country. I can't say I'm familiar with the Swedish laws, but their lawmakers must have too much time on their hands....

Q3 -

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